Should you be a Manning reviewer? Here’s why I am

Manuscript reviewer

  • What does the book cover? The reviewers are encouraged to propose to add more topics or remove what they think is not relevant or important.
  • Is the book interesting?
  • Are the code examples relevant and accurate?
  • Are provided figures helpful and self-explanatory?
  • Very technical questions specific to each chapter
  • Everything else 😄… with one exception — the technical reviewer does NOT provide feedback on the grammar and writing style; it’s the editor's job.

Expert review

Manuscript reviewers get acknowledged in the book

Novice review

Partial book review

Proposal reviewer

Live project implementer

Live project beta testers and mentors

How to become a reviewer?

Should you be a technical reviewer?

  • It allows you to contribute to the community
  • even if you have very little time
  • while expanding and deepening your own knowledge!



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